Mar.24th | RETURN TO THE 90’s “CLASSICS”
UPDATE : February 14th, 2023

Friday, Mar 24th, 2023 | OPEN 23:00
– DOOR : ¥3,500 + 1D
– ADV : ¥3,000 + 1D
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CLASSICS”, that big event focusing on the golden age of HIPHOP, the 90’s, will be celebrating its 27th anniversary at clubasia with a special guest, DJ KRUSH with “VESTAX pmc20SL + Serato 90’s SET “.
DJ KENSEI, who belongs to KEMURI PRODUCTIONS organized by DJ YAS and has been active as a DJ since the dawn of HIPHOP, as well as releasing classic works and official mixes from labels in Japan and abroad, will also participate.
The special lineup includes DJ KEN-BO and DJ JIN ( RHYMESTER / breakthrough ) as guest DJs who know the golden age of HIPHOP.
Please come and join us for the best night to celebrate 27 years since the birth of clubasia in the 90’s.
*Minors are not allowed to enter the venue. There will be an ID check upon entry.
*Please wear a mask, take a temperature, disinfect with alcohol, and strictly adhere to other guidelines.
*Please wear a mask, take a temperature test, sterilize yourself with alcohol, and strictly adhere to all other guidelines.
*A separate drink fee of ¥600 will be charged at the time of admission.
info : https://clubasia.jp/events/3647